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HomeAdvantageŽ+ provides the peace-of-mind of knowing that around-the-clock assistance is only a toll-free phone call away. HomeAdvantageŽ+ offers:

Just one call at any time, day or night, HomeAdvantageŽ+ will put members in touch with pre-screened professionals who are standing by to help! What’s more: HomeAdvantageŽ+ membership could pay for itself with up to $2,700 in Service Guarantee and reimbursements and by providing you the information you need to be a better-informed consumer.

Members can speak directly to on-site experts, like plumbers, general contractors, electricians or auto mechanics, to obtain information and guidance on everyday repair problems, or renovation ideas. Once Members understand what they need to know, our experts can help you find the right person or company to do the job, by selecting from a national network of pre-screened tradespeople.

HomeAdvantageŽ+ stands behind our referrals. All service providers we refer to you to work on your home or car come with our $2,000 Service Guarantee to remedy their incomplete or substandard work, should this ever happen.

HomeAdvantageŽ+ experts can also help members save money. Before members embark on a project, the plan’s experts can help Members evaluate a fair price and review estimate. Members can even get information and guidance on the appropriate price for a used or new car purchase.

You can also call HomeAdvantageŽ+ where registered nurses are available around-the-clock to provide needed medical information and guidance. Plus, HomeAdvantageŽ+ can provide you with information about professionals who can deliver convalescent care, eldercare, and childcare assistance services.

HomeAdvantageŽ+ makes your life easier in so many ways. For example:

+ Locked out of the house or car?
+ Having car problems?
+ Need a plumber to fix a blocked drain?
+ Looking for health information?
+ Lost your keys?
+ Looking for the right repair person?
+ Need a second opinion on a home or car repair estimate?

HomeAdvantage+ helps with all this - and more!

Home Advantage is available for only $8.95 plus applicable taxes* per month. For more information on pricing of product features, please contact us.

*Applicable taxes are GST(5%), ON HST(13%), NB, NL, NS, PE HST (15%) and QC(9.975%). Tax rates are subject to change by the applicable regulatory authority. Sigma GST/HST # is 762348522 RT0001, QST # is 1224069720-TQ0001.

HomeAdvantageŽ+ is a registered trademark of Sigma Loyalty Group Inc.

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